Tentative de livraison infructueuse

Please note that the statuses used in our service are universal for all postal operators. If the original status of the postal operator is different from universal, it is tantamount to the status of our service.

Generalized status Tentative de livraison infructueuse - used in case of postal operator attempted to deliver item to recipient, but because of some unknown reason attempt was not successful. Current status does not show reason of non delivery.

Possible next steps:

  • New attempt of delivery
  • Item will be retained until recipients demand or clarification of circumstances
  • Return item to shipper
  • Liquidation of item

What to do:

If your item received this status then you need to call with postal operator, which deliver you item, and find out reason of non delivery. In case you don't know which company should deliver your item, you need to contact with sender.

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